Mechanical processing, subcontracting, capacities

MSC is one of the largest service providers for the PCB industry in Europe. An extensive range of machinery for the processing of laminates and foils of every variety is available at the MSC location in Germany and of course at our subsidiary in Singapore. Many of our services – especially our processing of flexible materials on CNC reel slitters and punching machines at the parent plant in Germany – are also used by OEMs in other industries, e.g. manufacturers of composite materials for solar panels, membrane keyboards, flexible heating elements for oil rigs, specialty paper manufacturers and more.

Our daily capacity for cutting laminates is > 100,000 units and for processing foils, several hundred thousand sheets. In addition, there are various punching machines, CNC drilling/routing machines and special machines for cleaning and packaging.


We’re happy to train employees from the PCB industry at our R&D center in Staufenberg, e.g. prior to the introduction of new production processes or products or before the planned launch of a first multilayer flexible or rigid-flexible production. With our help, you can avoid expensive start-up problems and shorten the time required for the successful incorporation of a new production.

In addition to modern classrooms, MSC also offers individual overnight guest rooms.


If you face problems during production, we’re happy to send experienced technicians on short notice for support and analysis finding a solution quickly.

Micro-section & evaluation

Making microsections of blind vias or buried vias with a diameter less then 100 micron, usually cannot be performed by using standard microsection equipment – or if it can, then only manually with considerable time expenditure and using a process that’s not entirely technically reliable. Tests on metal core circuits or backplanes are also difficult, e.g. on 50-layer multilayer with a thickness of > 5 mm. In those cases, problems can arise starting with the extraction of the specimen.

Send us your circuits and we will prepare a microsection with photo and first analysis within 24 hours.

If you find yourself facing such challenges often, we’re also happy to provide completely new laboratory equipment for the production of critical micro-sections –> see machines.

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