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Product overview

ProductDelivery formmax. laminating temperatureRoll widthThicknessNotes
UTF-100rolls with 1,067 m
~210 °C305–1,360 mm25 µm
38 µm (UTF‑150)
high thermal stability
~190 °C1,285 mm (maximum)40 µmno surface coating
good release properties
TTF-25rolls with 160–500 m
~260 °C460, 610 or 660 mm25 µmchemically inert
high thermal stability
ATF-50rolls of 250 kg
drilled or stamped
650 mm50 µmspecial aluminium alloy

Product details

Release film UTF-100

UTF-100 is a high-temperature release film in thickness 25 µm made of modified PET with excellent separating properties and unique high temperature stability. Laminates pressed with UTF-100 can be further processed immediately without an additional after-treatment and remain solderable. UTF-100 release film contains no silicone and the press plates remain clean. UTF-100 is inexpensive and eco-friendly; no toxic byproducts are produced during combustion. The film is also available in thickness 38 µm (UTF-150).

Delivery form: rolls with 1067 m and cuttings
Thickness: 25 µm (UTF-100); 38 µm (UTF-150)
Roll width: 305 – 1360 mm
Max. laminating temperature: about 210 °C, depending on pressing conditions

Further information is available in the technical datasheet.

Release film VTF-400RW

VTF-400RW is a universal release film for pressing flexibel and rigid multilayers. The film has no surface coating. Nevertheless the product offers good release properties against many materials and resin systems.

Delivery form: rolls and cuttings
Thickness: 40 µm
Roll width: 610 mm; 1285 mm (maximum)
Max. laminating temperature: 190 °C

Further information is available in the technical datasheet.

Release film TTF-25

TTF-25 release film is based on PTFE and therefore chemically inert and boasts a very high thermal stability. Making it particularly well-suited for laminating processes with very high pressing temperatures or application on surfaces that show contact reactions and react sensitively to polymer residues.

Delivery form: rolls and cuttings
Thickness: 25 µm; also available in further thicknesses (50 … 500 µm).
Roll width: 460, 610, 660 mm
Max. laminating temperature: 260°C

Further information is available in the technical datasheet.


The release film ATF-50 is made of a special aluminium alloy and prevents the pressing-in of release film or pressure compensation material in the existing drill holes of the product to be pressed during lamination of coverlays on flexible and rigid-flexible PCBs. ATF-50 also prevents the “orange peel effect” on coverlays and is useful in suppressing image transfer. Positioning: between release film and press pad or pressure compensation foil.

Delivery form: rolls of 250 kg and cuttings (drilled or stamped on request)
Thickness: 50 µm
Roll width: 650 mm

Further information is available in the technical datasheet.

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