Press pads

MSC offers various solutions for different pressing parameters, customized for the materials to be laminated. Unlike press pads made from elastomers, which distribute pressure along the X/Y-axis, MSC pads allow for pressure equalization exclusively along the Z-axis. Advantage: coverlays and delicate fabrics are not stretched in the X/Y direction, which means better dimensional stability.

All MSC press pads can be delivered at short notice, pre-cut to specification and equipped with drill holes as required.

Product overview

Thermo-500natural white500 g/sqm1.0 mmslightly alkaline
Thermo-400pure white400 g/sqm1.0 mmfor heavily structured surfaces
Thermo-350blue350 g/sqm0.62 mmfor rigid multilayer boards
TPad-Rred1.6 mmpretempered

Product details

Press pad ViaPad Thermo-500

A slightly alkaline cotton press pad for universal application on both rigid and flexible circuits. Reusable when typical epoxy resin pressing parameters are applied.

Delivery form: sheets
Color: natural white
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Weight: 500 g/sqm

Further information is available in the technical datasheet.

Press pad ViaPad Thermo-400

A reduced-density cotton-cellulose press pad with repeatedly-cleaned fibers. This material is softer than Thermo-500 and thus especially well-suited for laminating coverlays on heavily structured surfaces.

Delivery form: sheets
Color: pure white
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Weight: 400 g/sqm

Further information is available in the technical datasheet.

Press pad ViaPad Thermo-350

An affordable high-density cardboard based on linter cellulose for laminating rigid multilayer boards and for base material production.

Delivery form: sheets
Color: blue
Thickness: 0.62 mm
Weight: 350 g/sqm

Further information is available in the technical datasheet.

Reusable press pad ViaPad TPad-R

TPad-R can be repeatedly reused for pressing inner layers, coverlays and resin-coated copper foils. What sets this product apart from other so-called rubber press pads is our special pretempering treatment, which assures minimal evaporation of volatiles.

Delivery form: rolls and sheets
Max. roll width: 1000 mm
Thickness: 1.6 mm
Maximum operating temperature: 230 °C

Further information is available in the technical datasheet.

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