Founded in 1988, MSC Polymer is an international production-oriented service provider headquartered in Staufenberg, Germany.

We are specialized in the development, production and distribution of high end plastics for the PCB technology.

MSC has a subsidiary in Singapore for serving the Asian market and a selling agency in India.

Our range of products includes semi-finished products, production materials and auxiliary materials for the printed circuit board industry:


  • technical laminates
  • electrical insulating materials
  • transfer adhesives based on epoxy resin
  • special nonferrous metals
  • plastic films based on PTFE, PET and others
  • machinery for making micro-sections on printed circuit boards

An extensive range of modern machinery allows us to prepare materials individually according to customer specifications, and a strong development department at the Staufenberg headquarter allows the development of new products and ongoing optimization.

Efficient workflows and a flexible production allows MSC to provide you with high-quality materials, delivered quickly and at favorable costs.



MSC Polymer AG
Am Boden 27
D-35460 Staufenberg-Mainzlar

Tel.: +49 (0) 6406-9149-0
Fax: +49 (0) 6406-6782

E-mail: info@msc-polymer.de

Registered office:
Handelsregister Gießen Nr.: B3239
VAT-ID-No: DE 199 004 477

Board members: Martin Weide

Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Dr. Henrik Lehfeldt

Development & product management: Dipl. Chem. Walther Bach
Quality assurance: Dipl. Chem. Walther Bach
Plant management: Timo Mandler
Application consulting: Dipl. Chem. Walther Bach

The MSC office in Staufenberg is the headquarter of the MSC Polymer Group and seat of the parent company of all subsidiaries/affiliates abroad . Conveniently located 80 km north of the Frankfurt Airport, it also offers direct access to the autobahn (Giessener Ring). In addition to the Executive Board, the Staufenberg office is also home to the central Marketing Department, Development Department and Controlling, among others. The surface area of the factory premises is approximately 15,000 square meters, of which about 50% has been developed.

The net floor area for management, manufacture and storage is more than 4,000 square meters, including 1,200 square meters of air-conditioned warehouse and production areas.

MSC was founded as a private company in 1988 and became public in 1998. The land and buildings at the Staufenberg site are owned by the company.

The capital stock is 320,000 Euro. Capital Market Grade (2006): BAA.


Mr. Kushal Sen

4, Shefali Apt. Plot A-84,
Kasturba Society, Vishrantwadi
India – Pune – 411 015 Maharashtra

E-mail: senkushal@gmail.com
Tel.: +91-98 60 43 63 58

MSC Polymer Pte. Ltd.
19 Keppel Road
Jit Poh Building
Singapore 089058

Tel.: +65 66268 2070
E-mail: info@msc-polymer.sg

Co. Reg. No. : 199302763W
GST Reg.No.: M2-0114550-3

Office and Finance Manager: Josephine Teo

MSC Singapore is our Regional Center for Asia. MSC customers all over Southeast Asia are supplied from this location, which also acts as a sourcing office for MSC’s global procurement. The company premises in the Jurong industrial area house a well-equipped processing plant with capacities for CNC sawing, stamping and foil processing along with two cooling houses for photoresist, prepregs and adhesives. The production and storage area is about 600 m2.

MSC Polymer Pte. Ltd. was founded in 1993 and is 100% owned by MSC Polymer AG.

Our local staff communicates in Mandarine and English. The corporate language is English.

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MSC Polymer AG
Am Boden 27
D-35460 Staufenberg-Mainzlar

Tel: +49 (0) 6406-9149-0
Fax: +49 (0) 6406-6782
E-mail: info@msc-polymer.de