Machines for making micro-sections

MSC manufactures and sells a unique machine system for making micro-sections.

The system consists of the following machines:

Product details

Multifunctional desktop milling machine

The OSR is a very flexible and handy milling machine for extracting coupons from printed circuit boards.
All kind of base materials can be processed up to a thickness of 6 mm.

Further information available in the technical datasheet.

Precise milling machine with digital video camera system and automated image processing

The S-OSR is a high precision milling machine specialized to extract coupons from printed circuit boards with high accuracy.

Workflow with the S-OSR:

  • Place the printed circuit board on the machine
  • Select the target area with support of a digital video camera
  • Precise milling of the coupon supported by digital camera technique and image processing (edge detection)
  • Break out the coupon from the printed circuit board and process further on our grinding and polishing machine SPA

Further process flow see SPA.

Further information available in the technical datasheet.

Z-axis-controlled grinding and polishing machine

The SPA is a grinding and polishing machine with very high accuracy, specialized for preparing micro-sections from printed circuit boards.

Process flow with SPA:

  • The coupons made with our machines OSR or S-OSR fit ideally in our special MSC specimen holders. Simply fill them up with resin and let it cure. No further registration tools necessary.
  • After curing the specimen holder with coupons is attached to the SPA grinding head.
  • The following grinding and polishing process is fully automatic and with high precision through a special z-axis measurement system.
  • Afterwards the coupons can be analyzed directly under the microscope.

Advantage of the MSC system S-OSR and SPA:

  • High accuracy. Therefore, also usable for micro-vias
  • Making micro-sections with our machines is very easy and can be done even by unskilled people with excellent results.
  • High capacity possible (see time analysis)
  • Significant cost saving on consumable materials (grinding paper, resin etc.)

Further information available in the technical datasheet.


The Multi-Polishing-Automat MPA is our newest machine and was developed to produce high quality polishing results on micro-sections of printed circuit boards.

For doing that the machine is equipped with the following features:

  • three polishing plates for using different polishing cloths and liquids
  • automated dosing of the polishing liquids
  • the polishing head can be equipped with up to three MSC specimen holders (max. 12 coupons)
  • Cleaning station for automated cleaning of the specimen holders after each polishing step.

Further information available in the technical datasheet.

Precise cross cutting machine with digital camera system

The TSM is not offered anymore as replaced by our new machine S-OSR available since August 2017. The S-OSR combines the functionality of OSR and TSM in one machine for making precise micro-sections. This means from now on you only need 2 machines S-OSR and SPA. Our customers having a TSM of course will be supported furthermore with service and spare parts.

The OSR will be still available as all-purpose milling machine for flexible coupon removal from printed circuit boards.


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