About us

About us


Founded in 1988, MSC Polymer is an international production-oriented service provider headquartered in Staufenberg, Germany.

We are specialized in the development, production and distribution of high end plastics for the PCB technology.

MSC has a subsidiary in Singapore for serving the Asian market and a selling agency in India. 

Our range of products includes semi-finished products, production materials and auxiliary materials for the printed circuit board industry:


  • technical laminates
  • electrical insulating materials
  • transfer adhesives based on epoxy resin
  • special nonferrous metals
  • plastic films based on PTFE, PET and others
  • machinery for making micro-sections on printed circuit boards

An extensive range of modern machinery allows us to prepare materials individually according to customer specifications, and a strong development department at the Staufenberg headquarter allows the development of new products and ongoing optimization.

Efficient workflows and a flexible production allows MSC to provide you with high-quality materials, delivered quickly and at favorable costs.


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